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Letting go of desperation

We talk about how making products should come from a genuine place.

Building social capital vs going for cash

We talk about slow steady growth and social capital.

Improv #10

We celebrate our EP10 milestone by hating on twitter : )

Do only what is needed to NOT fail - no more, no less

Fernanda shares her latest projects including https://growthnotes.ghost.io/. Val talks about a few new mental models he has come across.

All-in with your product, or not?

We share our experiences of going all-in with a product and our risk tolerance.

Building in public without being a show off

We talk about how to build a personal brand, genuinely, without sounding like we're boasting.

Keeping up with mental health

We talk about how mental health affects our productivity and things we should (read: must!) do to be kinder to ourselves.

Scratching your own itch, or not.

We talk about sleep, gpt3, and if we can work on products we don't care about but might pose a great opportunity.

The importance of being at ease when working on products

We talk about how you feel when making your product is how users will feel when using it, deliberate marketing plans, and being an indie maker vs having a job.

Optimize your work by getting to know yourself

We talk about what works and what doesn't for us when working on products and projects, how we don't like cold calling, and being okay with taking on something that al...

Things that boost our confidence as indie makers

Fernanda talks in detail about the sale of her product Inspired. Val talks about his cautious optimism with blogstatic's new registrations.